When to book your wedding videographer and other FAQs

Planning your wedding is obviously never free of hassle and stress. There’s so much to do, so much to consider, so much to book. One of those components is your wedding videographer, which is naturally very important as you want to remember your day in artistic glory for years to come. The Wedding Video Guys answer key questions like when you should book your wedding videographer and more.

Q: When should I book my wedding videographer?

A: This question is the most commonly asked about wedding videographers, and the answer is to book them as soon as possible. Weddings take a lot of planning – months, sometimes years. Booking your wedding videographer in ahead of schedule means you guarantee their availability and that’s one more thing ticked off your list. I get very busy very quickly, and I wish I had more time to attend each partnership that approaches me, so I’d recommend booking in advance!

Q: Should I guide my wedding videographer, or let them have free reign?

A: The answer to this is that you should actually do a bit of both. If there is a certain moment (for example, you’ve planned fireworks or a sparkler exit to surprise your guests) or a certain setting you’d love to appear in your wedding video, by all means tell me! I’ll shoot plenty of candid laughs and beautiful clips for your video which I’ll always advise on, but if there is a certain shot or moment that you’d specifically like me to focus on then of course let me know.

Q: Will a wedding videographer impact the running of my wedding day?

A: Absolutely not! I’ll work around you and your schedule. I’ll get in touch with you nearer to your wedding day to ask for a more detailed running order of your day to ensure that I can be in the right place at the right time. I’ll follow your schedule as naturally and inconspicuously as possible, so you won’t even realise that I’m capturing the most organic and heart warming moments.

Q: When will I see my wedding video?

A: When I work on my wedding videos, I select the best footage to weave together the story of the day. This ensures that your wedding video fill follow the day chronologically whilst capturing all of the important moments. The editing process usually takes around 13 weeks, after this time you will be presented with a beautiful wedding 4K video.

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