When to book your wedding videographer and other FAQs

Planning your wedding is obviously never free of hassle and stress. There’s so much to do, so much to consider, so much to book. One of those components is your wedding videographer, which is naturally very important as you want to remember your day in artistic glory for years to come. The Wedding Video Guys answer key questions like when you should book your wedding videographer and more.

Hampshire Highlights – Perfect Locations Fit For a Wedding Videographer

In my last blog post, I brought you three of our favourite wedding venues that are perfect for a wedding videographer. Well, I’ve decided to bring you three more to fuel your wedding inspiration and discover beautiful wedding venues that your Hampshire wedding videographer can capture. Relive your wedding day for years to come with tasteful videography that captures every moment. So, let’s discover the next three wedding venues that are stunning enough to be immortalised on film!

Hampshire Highlights – Our Wedding Videographer’s Favourite Venues

As a wedding videographer, I come across some stunning wedding venues that make for beautiful video opportunities. Indeed, I have worked with couples at venues that, both in person and when translated into film, are simply breathtaking. The advantage of a wedding videographer is that you can relive your special day in creative style, rediscover the little highlights and facial expressions you may have missed in your excitement, and enjoy them for years to come. Without further I-do, here are some of my favourite wedding venues in Hampshire!