Why Your Big Day Needs A Wedding Videographer

You know that your wedding is as much a story of where you and your partner have been as it is a story of your future. Your wedding is a day that marks a change in the past and bright new things ahead, a time when you and your partner come together to become someone and something new and different.

Such a momentous day is one you won’t want to fade. No matter how hard we try to hold onto all the details of the most important days in our lives, eventually they start to slip and blur.

Of course, there are ways to hold onto the memory - written notes, scrapbooks, photos from guests’ phones. But as we see it, these capture wonderful elements of your wedding, but they can’t quite hold a candle to the medium that best captures the moods, motions, and memories of such a special occasion - a wedding video.

But to preserve the memories, feelings, impressions of that day, they have to be real - anything staged will show up like a bad stain (an equally terrifying prospect on a wedding day!).

That’s why we, The Wedding Video Guys, believe in simply being present and filming the real story of your wedding. We’ve been making wedding videos in Hampshire and the surrounding areas since 2014, and in that time, we’ve noticed a couple of things that videos do better for weddings and a couple things that make these videos better.

For one, as we’ve written about elsewhere, there are almost too many gorgeous locations in and around Hampshire for your wedding. The rolling hills and fields, the ancient oaks, the coasts, the classic buildings and scenery all come together to make a near-perfect setting for any occasion. With so much beauty around, why wouldn’t you want it to be a part of your record of the day?

Apart from that, we believe that it’s not our place to engineer the events of your day. It’s your event, your memory - we’re there to capture it on camera so that you can, and will, keep coming back to see it time and again in the years to come. By being experts in our field and knowing how best to let events unfold naturally before the camera, we create the most realistic, natural films and wedding videography available.

Nothing captures the emotion, the vitality, and the joy of a wedding quite like a well-made film. That’s why we do what we do, offering our expertise in wedding videography to help you and those close to you relish the memory of your special day. To learn more about how I can help you preserve your special day, call 07864212916 or enquire online today.