Wedding videographer myths uncovered, true or not?

1) We have a photographer, so why get a videographer?

This debate will come up between the bride and groom many of times, you may feel like videoing your wedding is not needed, but we strongly disagree. How will you relive when your bridesmaid caught the bouquet, or listen again to the best man’s speech. The use of video can bring out emotions that pictures just can’t, the laughs, the cries, the cheers hearing these back from the comfort of your home will bring back all the feelings you had on that day. Mingling with the guests is a necessity at weddings, so catching up on all the events you missed is another pro point to a videographer.

2) To cheesy?

Not us. The Wedding Video Guys are experts at capturing natural, candid moments which help to emphasise the unique, magical moments of every individual wedding. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce stunning wedding videography that is full of pure emotion and joy from the pre-wedding jitters to the heartfelt vows, moving onto the jovial after-party celebrations. Your wedding video will be a special keep safe to reminisce over for years to come.

If you are still unsure about wedding videography, please feel free to check out some of our previous work or read some of our client testimonials.

3) The bigger the better.

People have the perception that your wedding video should go on for hours highlighting every moment of it, fast forward to your favourite bits. These are still around for close family, however, have you ever noticed that the best wedding videos that surface and become a hit on social media are always a lot shorter and snappy. This sum up the whole day in a short video and you will be able to send the file along to your friends quickly.

4) The camera is big and ugly.

This again is false, gone are the days of plugging the camera into the socket, wires all over the guest and furniture and the camera flung over the videographers shoulder. Now with the high tech equipment available you will hardly know that we are there, we are highly qualified professionals who know where to be in each moment of the day, so us and our cameras will not intrude on the personal and emotional celebrations.

5) Last minute decision.

The common misconception is that you can leave to see how much of the budget you have left and then consider booking a videographer, however, most company’s including us can be booked up to a year in advance. This decision needs to be involved with the initial planning process to make sure that if you decide to have one, you are able to book them.

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