What To Look For When Visiting Wedding Venues That Will Look Great In Your Wedding Film

Finding the right venue for your wedding is one of the first big decisions that you will need to make when planning yours. You may not be thinking about the photography or videography at this stage but it is important that you do take this into consideration. You will find that your day flows a lot more smoothly if you choose a venue that has some beautiful locations for those all important photos.
By choosing the right venue you will then be able to spend more time with your guests, rather than having to run around to find a suitable photo or wedding videography opportunities. Plus of course being able to step away from the venue even just for 5 minutes will be much easier than having to drive to a completely different location. So what should you be looking for when it comes to choosing the right venue for your big day? Below are just a few tips that you may find extremely useful in helping you to get those all important shots.

What To Look For When Visiting Wedding Venues

Is There Enough Room This may sound a little obvious but is there enough space to be able to accommodate all your guests. Ideally, you want a space that allows guests enough space to move around, but also allows you the opportunity to move away to have your own private photographs taken.


Most weddings tend to take place during the day so does the venue allow you to have some privacy. What you don’t want is you and your partner heading off with the wedding videographer to get some personal intimate shots and having strangers walking past at the wrong time.


Lighting can make or break the production of your wedding video. So it is worth visiting the venue you are considering a couple of times at different times of the day. If your wedding is going to be held during the day inside does the room have enough windows to allow plenty of natural light to flood into the room? If your wedding is going to take place in the evening, will the venue provide sufficient lighting or can the wedding videographer add more if necessary?


If you decided upon a particular theme for your wedding will the venue’s décor match or clash with it. The venue itself doesn’t have to be done in the exact same colours that you’ve chosen, but should still compliment the theme or mood of your big day.

Check Venue Online

As well as visiting their own website, also look on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram to find if others recommend it. This will help you to get a better understanding of whether the venue will be suitable or not. At the same time, it is worth reading any reviews or testimonials that other couples have left regarding the venue and what it offered them with regards to where they could have their photos or videos shot.

Ask Your Wedding Videographer

By asking your wedding videographer for venues that they recommend you can soon see which ones will suit your needs. Plus they will often have a good relationship with the venue and will ensure that they find the perfect places where they can record details of your very special day.

Get In Touch

Here are just a few tips to help you with choosing the right wedding venue that will look great in your wedding film. So, why not arrange for The Wedding Video Guys to capture your big day? For more information on wedding videographers in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Surrey, and West Sussex please call us on 07862 212916. Alternatively, you can contact us online or by email at theweddingvidguys@gmail.com for a prompt response regarding all your wedding videography needs.