Berkshire – The Best Setting for Your Wedding Videographer

Berkshire – The Best Setting for Your Wedding Videographer

There are many beautiful wedding locations across this country for a wedding videographer, but for us, not many other places compare to Berkshire. We believe that Berkshire is one of the finest places to have a wedding. And your day is brought to life by the location that the wedding videographers are shooting in.

With rolling valleys and rich woodland, the county of Berkshire is picturesque, post-card worthy and the perfect backdrop for your wedding videographer to keep your special day that way forever, on video.

Our Favourite Spots for Wedding Videography in Berkshire But these aren’t the only beautiful locations in Berkshire; there are many perfect wedding locations for your wedding videographer to shoot in. These are some of our Berkshire favourites:

The Oakley Court

A beautiful hotel and estate situated just outside of Windsor features an ornate interior, luscious green grasses in the 38-acre estate, and a hotel that looks like your very own castle. This place is a wedding videographer’s dream to make your dreams come true. The castle-like like building and gardens will give the video a regal feel – perfect for the country of Berkshire. You will love this venue for its grand architecture and vast gardens, giving your videographer the perfect opportunity to take the location and make it your own for your video.

Ufton Court State Park

A grand Tudor house situated on beautiful grounds and gardens, with a sunken garden, an attractive Victorian ice house and an ancient orchard, this venue holds so much potential for you and us, your wedding videographers in Berkshire, to capture the day. The reception room features alluring wooden beams and pillars that would really add a nice aesthetic to the wedding video. With picturesque grasses, an idyllic lake and old bricked buildings; this place is artistic heaven for your wedding video.

Wasing Park

These beautiful grounds hold a castle barn as their wedding venue, with a traditional Parish church, a Victorian summerhouse, or the elegant and summery garden room to choose from. This unique choice of venues is perfect for your wedding videographer in Berkshire and you to pick the perfect spot to hold those special memories on film. The Victorian Summerhouse is the perfect summer wedding spot; surrounded by rich, green Berkshire trees, this suntrap has a bijou wooden summerhouse where you and your partner can tie the knot. The light, airy garden room is a wonderful wedding room, that features large windows surrounding the ceremony that look out onto the vast, stretching gardens, a favourite of ours. Recognised by the Queen as a Royal County, this place in England is fit for a king or queen; with the Queen’s very own residence; Windsor Castle being just a stone’s throw away from where you could have your special day, and we, the videographers, can make a film you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

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These are just a few of many of the scenic places you could have your wedding in this wonderful British county. So, why not have The Wedding Video Guys as your wedding videographer in Berkshire? For more information on wedding videographers in Berkshire, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 07863 212916. Alternatively, you can contact us online or by email at for a prompt response on wedding videography in Berkshire.