How to Hire a Wedding Videographer and Get This Right

Weddings are such wondrous occasions and one sure-fire way to capture the excitement, the emotion, and all those tears of joy is to hire a wedding videographer who will capture every magical detail for you, so you can relive the happiest day of your life, time and time again. Once you have your wedding video you can rewatch this many times over, and have a visual means to share with your friends, family and children in the future, so they can see the day their mum and dad got married! Entrusting a professional with this task is no mean feat, so take care of the following when you are choosing a wedding videographer and you’ll have no trouble getting it right.

Book sooner rather than later

Don’t leave it until the last minute to book your wedding videographer. Yes, there’ll be so many things to arrange before the big day, but don’t leave it until you have booked everything else to consider hiring a wedding videographer, as they might already be booked for the same date. To give yourself the greatest chance of being able to secure the services of your first choice videographer, allow plenty of time and don’t leave this as an afterthought.

Always look for experience

To ensure the quality of your wedding video is exactly how you imagined it would be, look for industry experience and a company that has captured countless weddings at a host of different venues. You can ask for wedding video samples including full-length features so you can see the style and creativity that goes into the production, and equally important, how this is all edited together in the final cut. If you can’t view wedding video samples, how can you tell if the videographer is any good or not?

Choose a discreet, non-intrusive style

The biggest worry people have when they decide to film a wedding video is being given a cheesy feature that looks unnatural, forced and a little bit awkward in parts. The way to avoid this is to hire a discreet videographer that has the skills to capture your personality and the sense of occasion without you actually noticing they are there. See what other married couples have to say about the service provided and read their testimonials. This will give you a great idea of the style of the videographer and should tell you how effortless and romantic each individual film they shoot has been, and how natural the final footage looks.

Find the perfect package

Most wedding videographers will offer a variety of different packages, so discuss this with them before you make a final decision. Video packages vary depending on the length of the film, and this is quite often reflected in the price, so consider this when you are allocating a budget for the wedding video. Ideally, you want all day coverage, so make sure this is included as part of the package and involves everything from the bridal preparations in the morning right through to the evening entertainment when you’ll be dancing the night away.

Don’t rush into anything

Whilst it’s advisable to book the services of a wedding videographer as soon as you start to make plans for your wedding, take your time to weigh up a few different options and don’t rush into anything if you feel uncomfortable about the level of service that is being offered to you. Have a good look at the website of the videographer to get a feel for their business, read their customer testimonials, see sample videos, and meet them in person so you can discuss the plans you have for your wedding and see if you get along with them. Once you feel happy and you know you have booked the right person, you’ll instantly relax and this will show on the big day as you forget they are there and simply have fun, without realising you are being filmed.

Here at The Wedding Video Guys, we want your day to be magical and also want to provide you with timeless footage of the day that captures every beautiful detail. You can rely on us and trust us to capture the perfect wedding video in Hampshire for you, and you can find out more about our services by contacting us today or calling us on 07864212916.

5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Wedding Videographer

Weddings are notoriously expensive, so if you are worried about the budget spiralling out of control and want to make as many savings as possible, a few cutbacks might be necessary. This leaves you with a bit of a dilemma. What do you keep and what do you cut from your wedding day wish list of services? Whilst there are sure to be a few extras you could live without, there are also a number of items you simply can’t ignore, and a wedding video is one of these things. To prove this point, we list five really good reasons you need to hire a wedding videographer for your very special day.

With so much going on during your wedding day, the whole experience will pass in the blink of an eye. One minute you’ll be getting ready in the morning, and the next you’ll be heading back to your honeymoon suite after an action-packed day, wondering where the time went. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to remember every single detail afterwards, and there are going to be certain moments that you miss entirely, such as your family and friends shedding a few tears just as you say, “I do.” A wedding video will capture all the footage of the day, so you can experience moments like these first-hand.

Capture the emotion

Your wedding video can be used as a time capsule for your big day and it can also be used to capture the emotion of key moments as well.

Photographs are good for still images, but a wedding video can be edited into your very own movie and set to music, capturing the magic and the sheer emotion everybody experienced on the day. After the day is just a memory, grab a large box of tissues and have a proper blub-fest as you laugh, then cry at the intimacy and the sentiment of your special day.

And the sound…

Wedding photos are great for visual images but the one thing they lack is sound, and this is a key part of any wedding day. From the exchange of vows to the speeches and the music played during your first dance together as a married couple, resonance is equally important for any wedding, and a video will capture this sound in tiny detail. Photos are important for capturing the beauty and aesthetics of your wedding. Videos take this to another level by capturing the motion and sound.

Share this experience

Once your wedding video has been edited it can be shared as many times as you like with family and friends who attended your wedding, and those who, unfortunately for whatever reason, couldn’t make it to your special day. A wedding video gives you the means and the opportunity to share and watch your wedding through a wide range of devices, so it’s easier to get-together with friends and family, and share the experience through your fully edited video.


Relive your special day, time and time again


Once you have captured footage of your special day this is yours to keep forever, and you can watch this many times over in the future. Think of the opportunities this provides you with. You could host a post-wedding party and ask family and friends around to view the edited footage, or why not watch your wedding video on your anniversary each year, and relive the joy and tears of happiness this way. A video enables you to revisit your wedding whenever you like, so you can watch your favourite moments as often as you want.

Hiring a wedding videographer will be one of the smartest moves you make, so consider this when you make plans for your wedding. Here at The Wedding Video Guys, we capture the beauty and raw emotion of your special day and provide you with footage you will cherish forever.

For more details about how our wedding videos in Hampshire can make your day extra special, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us today on 07864212916.